Top FBI Agents Take Aim at Wray; Damaging High-Level Leaks Planned


High-ranking FBI are planning damning Intel drops in an attempt to further discredit FBI Director Christopher Wray.

A powerful contingency in the Bureau want Wray to step down and plan to begin releasing damaging insider intelligence to further that goal.

What type of dirt do they have on the embattled FBI director?

According to federal insiders, it’s not pretty and some of it promises to cast Wray in a very bad light. Specifically, FBI insiders who are disgruntled with Wray’s leadership say there is dirt on Wray’s connections to the FBI and Special Counsel’s probe of Trump’s alleged connections to Russia.

But there is much more, according to insiders.

This promises to get interesting. And fast.

This story is developing — Thomas Paine

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