Top Dem Claims Trump Is Using Border Crisis as a ‘Political Prop,’ Only Wants to Further a Political Agenda


Democratic Policy and Communications Committee Chairman Rep. David Cicilline(D-R.I.) claimed that President Donald Trump is using the border crisis as a “political prop.”


Despite all of the efforts Trump has made — with little help from Congress — to stop the flow of migrants into the United States, Cicilline still believes that Trump is only using the crisis as a “political prop,” rather than a crisis he wants to solve.

During an interview on “Fox News Sunday,” Cicilline told guest anchor Bret Baier that he doesn’t believe Trump understands the crisis.

“We ought to honor that system. They reflect our values as a country, but we ought to make sure it’s being done expeditiously and that people are not gaming the system, of course, but we need comprehensive immigration reform. We need to devote more resources to it, but we need a president who understands the complexity of the problem and stops using this issue as a political prop to advance a political agenda.”

Cicilline noted that Democrats are considering increasing funding to address the shortage of judges and immigration attorneys at the border and foreign aid to Central America, but it isn’t clear what other ideas his party— or Congress in general — has brought to the table in an actionable way. – READ MORE

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