Toomey: Sanctuary Cities ‘Endanger the Public,’ ‘Should Come to an End’


Sanctuary policies pose a threat to public safety, Sen. Pat Toomey (R., Pa.) thinks; his new legislation would block them from receiving some federal funds to try to change their minds.

“We’ve historically relied on common sense and a common sense of duty to protect the public from dangerous criminals,” Toomey told the Washington Free Beacon in an interview Wednesday. “Unfortunately, that expectation no longer applies to these cities. So, we’ve got a bill that would withhold funding that the cities very much like, with the hope that that would begin to change their mind.”

Toomey’s bill, reintroduced last Thursday, would deny federal grant money to sanctuary jurisdictions, either cities or states. Toomey floated the proposal last year, when it was denied cloture as part of a series of votes on immigration taken by the Senate in a single whirlwind session.

The goal of the proposal, Toomey explained, is to “create a powerful disincentive so that the sanctuary cities would no longer be sanctuary cities.” In his view, sanctuary policies endanger the public by permitting illegally resident offenders to roam the streets, rather than deporting them to their home countries. – READ MORE

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