Toomey Reintroduces Bill to Crack Down on Sanctuary Cities


Sen. Pat Toomey (R., Penn.) reintroduced a proposal Thursday to cut off funding to the nation’s sanctuary cities, whose policies he said “make it harder to stop illegal immigration and keep dangerous criminals off the streets.”

The Stop Dangerous Sanctuary Cities Act was initially floated during the last congressional session, but was blocked as part of a whirlwind series of votes on immigration which failed to pass the Senate threshold for cloture. Now, Toomey hopes the bill will get a second hearing.

“It is past time to put an end to dangerous sanctuary city policies,” Toomey said. “Sanctuary cities extend a special protection to illegal immigrants even when federal immigration officials identify them as a threat to public safety. This is simply inexcusable, and I urge my colleagues to help pass this commonsense measure.”

Under federal law, U.S. immigration enforcement officers can deputize local police to perform certain immigration enforcement functions, as well as ask them to detain deportable immigrants whom the local agency has apprehended for other reasons. – READ MORE

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