Toobin To CNN: ‘Dial Back’ The Fearmongering Over North Korea Threat (VIDEO)


CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin chided his own network Tuesday night for scaring its viewers with talks of underground bunkers in response to reports that North Korea is threatening to attack Guam.

After sharing reports of the North Korean threat, CNN decided to take its viewers into an underground bunker in Hawaii to describe what would happen if the state were hit with a nuclear attack.

The segment, which aired on “Erin Burnett Outfront,” explained that a nuclear missile could reach Hawaii in 20 minutes, giving residents only 15 minutes with which to brace themselves underground.


Later on the show, Toobin scolded host Erin Burnett for running the segment, accusing her of inflating the threat from North Korea.

“Can we just dial this all back a little bit?” Toobin said. “This is an important story but it is an unconfirmed report of a possible technological development from North Korea, and suddenly on television we’re talking about people hiding in caves in Hawaii.”

“North Korea has had unstable leadership for a long time now. They’ve been developing nuclear weapons for a long time,” he continued. “The idea that we are now in some unprecedented new territory–it doesn’t serve anybody’s interest to talk about this as if nuclear war were imminent.”

“It just seems crazy to me,” he concluded.


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