Tom Homan on murders of Americans: Drug cartels ‘control everything’ near US border


The killing of nine Americans in Mexico highlights the brutal power of the country’s drug cartels, former acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Tom Homan told “Fox & Friends First” Wednesday.

“The Mexican criminal cartels control everything on the northern border of Mexico,” Homan said.

Homan said no criminal activity or smuggling occurs in Mexico without the cartels approving the plan.

“There’s more to this story than we know,” Homan said, adding that a lot of members of law enforcement and the military in Mexico are corrupt.

He said the United States must stop the demand for drugs from Mexico, but worsening violence there will lead to another border crisis.

Homan said the numbers will “explode” if Mexico can no longer be declared a “safe third country” for migrants and Mexican nationals start to seek asylum in the U.S. – READ MORE

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