Tom Brokaw Rips Trump: ‘Plays From The Gutter’


This week, speaking with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews on “Hardball,” former NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw stated of President Trump that he “plays from the gutter.”

The conversation started with Matthews, as he pumped Brokaw’s new book, “The Fall of Richard Nixon,” likening President Trump to former President Richard Nixon, noting Brokaw had asked Nixon how he could withhold material from Congress during an impeachment inquiry.

Matthews asked Brokaw, “How much is Watergate like or unlike what we have been through this fall?”

Brokaw opined that the situations were markedly different because when Brokaw queried Nixon, “his principal aides were on the way to prison.  We had tape recordings of the attempt of what was in the White House itself, including from the president to try to cover up everything. So the evidence was much harder at that point, and much more obvious to everyone.  Now, it’s become this kind of game, he said/she said.”

Brokaw then lauded Nixon, asserting, “And the same time, the conduct of Donald Trump versus conduct of President Nixon, Nixon was always aware of being presidential and the way he spoke and the way he responded to me there. Trump, you know, plays from the gutter, frankly.  I mean, you know, ready, draw, shoot, whatever you need to do.” – READ MORE

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