Tin Foil Mika Brzezinski: Maybe Trump ‘Raided’ Doctor to Cover for STD (VIDEO)


Maybe Mika Brzezinski shouldn’t announce every thought that pops into her head. On Wednesday’s Morning Joe, she suggested that Donald Trump has a sexually transmitted disease and “raided” his former doctor’s office to cover it up. MSNBC panelist Elise Jordan kicked off the discussion by suggesting that working for the administration is “the political equivalent of an STD.”

This prompted Brzezinski to speculate on the removal of medical files from Trump’s former doctor: “Wait a minute, maybe that’s why he raided his doctor’s office!” The MSNBC co-host exclaimed this with the intensity of a revelation, but it only resulted in awkward silence from her co-panelists. Then laughter followed.

It would seem that promoting conspiracy theories might be the opposite of the public lecture Brzezinski gave earlier this week about civility and the need to be respectful. MSNBC co-host Stephanie Ruhle also appeared on the show and compared Trump to “every time I’ve dated an awful jerk out there.” READ MORE

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