Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson Just Put A LOT Of Cash On Side Bet For First Hole Of Grudge Match


Tiger Woods is worth $750 million. Phil Mickelson has only got half that, $375 million, but he’s doing OK.

And on Friday, the two will be able to add millions more to their bank accounts when they face off in a pay-per-view event dubbed “The Match.” The two golfers will go head-to-head in a contest with more than $9 million at stake. But on Tuesday, when two of the best golfers in the world met to hype the event, the stakes got personal.

So the first hole will be worth a cool $200,000 for each golfer, which in a lot of ways is like a Sunday foursome playing a $2 Nassau. Still, both will have some skin in the game right from the get go, and since the golfers will be wearing microphones, there could well be a lot of wagering going on the rest of the round.

Still, while the promoters sought to paint the contest as a grudge match, the two golfers have long been friendly and they both stand to make a lot of money from sponsors and viewers who pay $19.99 for the event.- READ MORE

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