Three More Major Retailers Ban Open Carry In Stores


Wegmans, Walgreens, and CVS all banned open carry in their stores on Thursday, following the same gun policy change from Walmart and Kroger the day before.

Unlike the other retailers that only called for a ban on open carry, CVS advised all customers except for authorized law enforcement officers to totally refrain from carrying at all in their stores.

“There’s nothing more important than the safety of our customers & employees,” Wegmans posted to Twitter on Thursday afternoon. “The sight of someone with a gun can be alarming, and we don’t want anyone to feel that way at Wegmans. For this reason, we prefer that customers not openly carry firearms into our stores.”

Walgreens tagged anti-gun rights activist Shannon Watts and thanked her for her “advocacy” on gun control and linked to their statement regarding open carry policy. – READ MORE

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