‘This Was In Many Ways Predictable,’ Pelosi Says On Texas Storm Disaster


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that the Texas storm disaster “was in many ways predictable.”

“Needing water, food, and energy and vaccines and the rest, we really have to be on top of that and hope that there would be some preparation for the future,” Pelosi said.

“This was in many ways predictable in a long range of weatherizing the infrastructure of energy in the state. That’s a longer range of discussion, but immediate to have given people an earlier alert as to what their concerns would be,” Pelosi said.

Millions of Texas residents lost power when the state’s power grid went down from an arctic freeze following a major winter storm. The storm has resulted in 21 deaths so far.

Republican Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott called on Tuesday for a probe into the power grid’s loss of power.

The House speaker also said she thinks the Energy and Commerce Committee will probe into “how things could have turned out better and will turn out better in the future.”

“Everybody has their personal experience. My daughter’s home has no water, pipes have broken all over because of the cold and they can handle it, but a lot of people can’t,” Pelosi said.

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