Things Conservatives can be thankful for on Thanksgiving


A lot of you with liberal extended family members may grit your teeth when you think about Thanksgiving. But we really have so much to be thankful for that you really shouldn’t mind putting up with a few hours of moans and howls from race, sex, and Islamaphilic social justice warriors.

Here are just a few things to be thankful for:

1) First and foremost, the Supreme Court is saved. If Hillary Clinton had been elected President, she would have appointed an extreme leftist to replace Antonin Scalia, changing a court that was sometimes 5-4 left and other times 5-4 right into a solid leftist majority court. The Court would have upheld Obama’s illegal amnesty for illegal aliens, expanded gay marriage even further, pushed more racial quotas in education, housing, and hiring, and generally invented new “rights” for favored subgroups at the expense of the rest of the nation. If Donald Trump keeps his word and appoints a real conservative to replace Scalia, the Court will be safe for years; even more so if Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who will be 84 in March, creates a vacancy. – READ MORE

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