These Arizona sheriffs say they won’t enforce governor’s stay-at-home order


Two Arizona county sheriffs, one on the western edge of the state and another just south of Phoenix, say they won’t enforce the stay-at-home order imposed by Gov. Doug Ducey in part because they think it is unconstitutional.

The sheriffs, Doug Schuster of Mohave County, tucked along the Colorado River, and Mark Lamb of Pinal County, made their comments separately. But Schuster said in a Friday phone interview that he had spoken with Lamb about their mutual feelings regarding the governor’s order.

Both said they would speak to residents violating the order. But neither would arrest anyone for not obeying.

Still, Schuster didn’t expect a free-for-all in his county, which includes tourist-laden Lake Havasu City.

“We’ll get compliance,” Schuster said. “These businesses are not looking to butt heads with law enforcement or the state.”

In an emailed statement, the governor’s office said that any violations of the order would risk “penalties previously outlined.” The statement said the office had been communicating with law enforcement agencies and expected continued cooperation. – READ MORE

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