‘There’s a Coup Happening!’ View Hosts Have Nervous Breakdown Over Barr ‘Obstructing Justice’ (VIDEO)


The hosts of ABC’s The View predictably went nuts Wednesday following Bill Barr’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee. While tearing into Barr for allegedly “lying,” the hosts had sudden concern for ethics at the DOJ, and eagerly hoped the Attorney General would go to prison for “obstructing justice” and trying to conduct a “coup.”

Co-host Joy Behar began by wondering why Barr, and “other Republicans” as she put it, would defend Trump when he “obstructed justice, obviously.” Fellow co-host Sunny Hostin sneered that Barr’s reputation was now toast:

“He had a very good reputation, William Barr, going into this position and now and i’ve said it often, you seem to be part of the Trump administration and your reputation gets sullied immediately,” she claimed, before explaining how Mueller was frustrated with Barr’s summary. – READ MORE

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