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The US put a $100 million drone base next to a world heritage site


Documents and satellite images show that the United States military has built a small base in central Niger to conduct drone operations in West Africa, and its location is not only strategic but also historic.

The base is designed to accommodate military transport aircraft, “miscellaneous light- and medium-load aircraft,” and two of America’s most notorious and powerful weaponized drones — the MQ-1 Predator and the MQ-9 Reaper — according to documents obtained bythe Intercept.

The U.S. Air Force refused to confirm any details of the base to the news site, but it did refer to the location as a “Nigerian military air base.”

The base is located just north of the central Niger city of Agadez, the 600-year-old site known as the gateway to the Sahara desert. It has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. – READ MORE

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