“The System Is Compromised” – Baltimore Man Receives 18 Unemployment Debit Cards


Maryland’s Department of Labor is investigating a bizarre unemployment insurance scam. A Baltimore-area man claims to have received at least 18 fraudulent unemployment insurance debit cards from “investors,” according to local news station WMAR-2 News.

“That’s one, that’s two, three, four. That’s five, that’s six, seven, eight. That’s a total of nine cards,” said Dr. Keenan Cofield, who is a state lobbyist, a taxpayer – he said stuff like this makes him “cringe.”

He told WMAR-2 News Mallory Sofastaii that a total of 18 unemployment debit cards were mailed to his address. He said the debit cards were individually sent to him but addressed to other people.

“Each one of them has a Visa card, each one of them has a name,” Cofield said.

He was communicating with some people inline about the need for investors in a few of his projects. The Baltimore-area man said at least two people through a messenger app offered to invest with him.- READ MORE

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