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The stunning tale of naive weakness that led to the Iran deal


It was Hillary Clinton who nailed Barack Obama’s policy with a single, deadly word: “Naive,” she called it, in a campaign debate in 2008.

And how. The full story of President Obama’s 2015 Iran deal, which gave Iran more than it could have wished for in its wildest dreams just as its economy was on the verge of collapse, is a stunning tale of weakness, self-deception, wishful thinking and topsy-turvy priorities on the part of Team Obama.

Even the French Socialists called the agreement, which lifts sanctions against Iran in return for that country vowing to back off its nuclear weapons program for 10 years, “a sucker’s deal” (before being browbeaten into approving it). And a former International Atomic Energy Agency weapons inspector said Obama’s pact “sets an incredibly bad precedent.”

Every miscue made by Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry is made woefully clear in “The Iran Wars: Spy Games, Bank Battles and the Secret Deals that Reshaped the Middle East,” a riveting and sordid account by Wall Street Journal chief foreign correspondent Jay Solomon, who interviewed many of the key players including Kerry. – READ MORE

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