The SIX Tweets That Foretold Horowitz Would Whitewash the IG Report on FBI’s FISA Abuse of Trump


While all others in the right-wing media were spinning tales of prison time for FBI officials entangled in the FISA-abuse case, True Pundit predicted the opposite.

And again, we were correct. While the Inspector General cannot put folks in prison, its reports can certainly open the door to criminal prosecutions. No doors were opened on Monday and in fact, many were closed.

Slammed shut by Michael Horowitz.

Few saw that coming. Even President Trump hyped the report in a Sunday Tweet. Perhaps Trump should read Thomas Paine more often instead of the dopes on FOX News.

For the first Tweet, we journey back to June 2018 — 18 months ago.

And just to round things out, we tossed in this Tweet from today:

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