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‘The Secret S**t Has To Stop’ — Robby Mook TRASHES Clinton Camp’s Internal Practices In WikiLeaks Emails


“Not with you on this,” he responded to Mook. “Don’t view these as ‘secret investigations’ but as establishing good practices. We need to get good systems in place at the outset.”

Mook once again found this line reasoning unsatisfactory.

“That’s exactly my point,” he wrote to Podesta. “I have a process in place with Elias and Charlie–exactly what you and she asked. So why is she secretly dispatching Heather to investigate a problem she won’t even explain–a concern she supposedly has with a contract SHE wrote negotiated.”

“What she is doing isn’t improving anything. It is secretly going around a transparent system we all agreed upon. It undermines Elias and Charlie and sucks up my time. If she has an issue–call or send an email, we can deal with it and move on. She can call Marc. But the secret shit has to stop. It’s a giant time suck.” – READ MORE

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