The Reviews Are Out: Critics Hate Amy Schumer’s New Movie


“An honest-to-God fiasco. Virtually every single aspect of this rigidly unfunny comedy is botched, from the characters to the plot, the themes to the core message.”

That’s how film critic Inkoo Kang of The Wrap summed up Amy Schumer’s new movie, “I Feel Pretty.” Tell us how you really feel, Inkoo.

The new movie has a 36% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which puts it in the “rotten” category. The movie website sums up the plot this way: “In I FEEL PRETTY a woman who struggles with feelings of deep insecurity and low self-esteem, that hold her back everyday, wakes from a brutal fall in an exercise class believing she is suddenly a supermodel. With this newfound confidence she is empowered to live her life fearlessly and flawlessly, but what will happen when she realizes her appearance never changed?”

Odd timing for such a movie. In 2018, with the #MeToo movement empowering women, Schumer’s film seems a throwback to olden days, when a woman’s appearance was the only thing that defined her. Critic Mara Reinstein of Us Weekly writes: “The comedy rarely addresses 2018 image issues in an intelligent or self-knowing way. Instead, it sticks to the basics, such as the revelation that beautiful women have boyfriend problems too.” – READ MORE

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