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The Real Danger Of Facebook’s Fake News Crusade Might Be Unavoidable


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The first danger in Facebook fact-checking is our forgetfulness.

News stays news for only so long because humans are creatures of boredom. We crave newness, something that inherently has an expiration date. Take 2016: We remember that a lot of famous people died, but we don’t talk about the individuals anymore. For about a week, it was shocking that Prince died, and then it faded from news cycles. The same goes for Arnold Palmer, Gene Wilder, Muhammad Ali, Alan Rickman, and even an American hero like John Glenn. I bet some of you are remembering their deaths with a pang of sadness — because you forgot.

These are people who shaped the lives of millions, and yet we forget them because we are fickle, and easily excited by whatever news bauble is the shiniest.

Facebook fact-checking will soon fade from news cycles, and that’s when we should worry. It’s a lot easier to get away with censorship and suppression when no one is watching. On top of that, any unsavory fact-checking can be hidden behind the noble guise of preserving truth, facts and good journalism – READ MORE

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