The public now says only 9% of Trump news coverage is ‘fair’


It is a very persistent phenomenon: the media is biased and hostile toward President Trump. Multiple complex studies from the Media Research Center have confirmed that 90 percent of broadcast news coverage of Mr. Trump and his administration has been negative since the president took office almost two years ago. Now comes confirmation of blatant bias across the entire news media from another source.

“Respondents decisively side against the media when it comes to fair and unbiased coverage of the President and Republicans,” says a new survey from McLaughlin & Associates which reveals that only 9 percent of Americans now say that news coverage in general is “fair or not biased” regarding Mr. Trump and the GOP.

Meanwhile, the survey found that a “forceful plurality” of Americans — 48 percent — say the media is unfair and biased against the president and his party. The presence of bias is in the eye of the beholder: 80 percent of Republicans and 16 percent of the Democrats agree.

One-third of Americans overall feel the news media is without any bias at all; 8 percent of the GOPers and 63 percent of the Dems agree. – READ MORE

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