The Podesta Group is Finished; D.C. Lobbying Firm Went From Powerhouse to Poorhouse in Months


The Podesta Group, as reported earlier today by True Pundit, will close it’s doors in a matter of days or even hours, according to insiders of the embattled firm.

Employees still remaining at the firm do not even expect to be paid again, according to sources. The company, in effect, appears to be finished.

This updated intelligence dove tails with material published by True Pundit this morning:

Kimberley Fritts, the CEO of the Podesta Group, resigned Thursday afternoon about a week after Tony Podesta stepped down from the lobbying powerhouse he founded.

Sources tell True Pundit the firm has lost numerous clients and millions in billables since U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller started snooping around the firm’s links to Paul Manafort who was indicted last week. Wells Fargo and Oracle have vacated Podesta’s firm.

It appears all the talent is in the process of vacating the firm.

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