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    The NFL’s players — and owners — are threatening its business model


    By all accounts, National Football League players have the worst collective bargaining agreement in sports.

    The rookie deals are bad, only a paltry portion of any contract is guaranteed, and the players are subject to being cut at any time to help their team meet a merciless salary cap. The NFL’s owners, as a whole, have acted more arrogantly and greedily than the collective ownership of any other sport.

    However, if they want to save their sport’s position as the unquestioned champion of American sports, they need to act quickly to quell player behavior that threatens the long-term financial health of the league.

    In order to accomplish this, NFL owners should take two painful steps: 1) figure out a way to address or stop the spreading national anthem protests that are alienating the NFL’s fan base; and 2) fairly compensate their players. – READ MORE

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