The Next Democratic Debate Will Involve A Televised Lottery


As if the event itself wasn’t enough of a spectacle, the next Democratic debate — set to take place later in July — will reportedly involve a televised lottery to determine who will debate whom, according to The Hill.

After complaints surfaced accusing the Democratic National Committee of purposefully organizing the previous debates so that the presumed frontrunners all battled each other, while certain candidates were relegated to the “kids’ table,” the DNC has decided to showcase their organization efforts to the world, holding a televised lottery on CNN.

“The draw to determine the lineup for each night will air live on July 18 in the 8 p.m. ET hour on CNN, said the network spokesperson, who noted additional details of the draw will be released in the coming days,” the network itself reported on Monday.

After that, candidates will have until next Wednesday to prove to the DNC that they belong on stage. For the previous debates, held in June, candidates needed proof of having 65,000 individual donors or at least 5% support in national polls. This time around, candidates must prove that they have both the support of 65,000 individual donors and at least 1% support in three reputable national polls. – READ MORE

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