The New York Times’ lead 2016 Clinton campaign reporter admits crying after Trump’s victory


New York Times reporter Amy Chozick, the venerable newspaper’s lead reporter on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, admits in her new memoir that she cried following Clinton’s 2016 Election Day loss.

In her  role as the paper’s top reporter for the Clinton campaign, Chozick was presumably responsible  for covering the the election from a nonpartisan standpoint. The Washington Post published a review from Chozick’s upcoming book, “Chasing Hillary,” which includes the tidbit that she “finally cried” in her cubicle the morning after the election to write the “how she lost” story.

“The day after the 2016 election, Chozick sat in her cubicle and wrote the ‘how she lost’ story. ‘Then I finally cried,’ she writes,” Washington Post book critic Carlos Lozada noted.

Media analyst and DePauw University professor Jeffrey McCall told Fox News that she may have been attempting transparency by owning up to the waterworks, but he doesn’t feel this was the best idea.

“It would be better if reporters always just kept their political leanings to themselves,” McCall said. “A reporter who wants to admit to crying over Hillary is actually trying to accomplish something broader than simple transparency. They are signaling to news consumers that they are somehow more righteous in their news approach than the more objective reporters.” – READ MORE

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