The Moving Personal Stories Behind Tucker Carlson’s Strong Pro-Life Stance


Fox News host Tucker Carlson articulately, unapologetically, and consistently holds the pro-abortion movement’s feet to the fire on his highly successful show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” Almost weekly, Carlson spends precious time exposing those who advocate for and profit off of abortion and revealing the realities of the fatal procedure.

Carlson first revealed that his father was born in 1941, when abortion was illegal, to his then-15-year-old grandmother. “If it had been 1973, I wouldn’t be here,” he stated.

Carlson’s father was sent to an orphanage and had a “messy” upbringing, he said. “Just because you make the right decision doesn’t mean it’s easy. That’s one of the reasons people make the wrong decisions because they fear that messiness,” noted the host.

“In the end it worked out great, and I’m here because of that decision,” he added. “I have lunch with my dad every Friday, and talk to him every single day.”- READ MORE

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