The Left’s Hypocrisy Shines Brightest after Terrorist Attacks


Saturday night, a Muslim terrorist stabbed nine people in a Minnesota shopping mall before being shot dead by an off-duty cop. Around the same time, another Muslim terrorist’s bomb exploded in Manhattan, wounding 29 people, one critically. That suspect, Ahmad Khan Rahami, reportedly planted a second unexploded bomb in the area, as well as a backpack filled with IEDs in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Earlier in the morning, another bomb he is alleged to have built exploded along the route of a military charity race in New Jersey. All in all, Muslim terrorists had a busy Saturday. Naturally, the media rushed to target the real danger to Americans: Donald Trump. Half an hour after the Chelsea bombing, Trump stated, in typically vague militaristic language, that a bomb had gone off in New York City, and that America needed to get “very tough.” This prompted apoplexy from members of the media, who deemed it unthinkable that Trump could label the incident a “bombing” without full confirmation. Hillary Clinton, too, attempted to scold Trump for his premature articulation: “It’s important to know the facts about any incidents like this. I think it’s always wiser to wait until you have information before making conclusions.” Of course, Clinton and her media allies conveniently ignored the fact that Trump turned out to be right. – READ MORE

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