The Latest: Knife Attack Strikes Polish Shopping Center, One Death & Multiple Injuries Reported


A woman has been killed and seven other people injured at a shopping centre in Poland after a man began randomly stabbing people from behind.

Horrifying pictures show victims lying in pools of blood after the 27-year-old local attacked people at VIVO shopping centre in Stalowa Wola.

Witnesses said several shoppers and a bodyguard tried to catch the suspect after he started “blindly” stabbing people just after 3pm.


The Latest:

11:45 am ET – 

(Translation) One of the eight people injured by a knife in Stalowa Wola is dead – Podkarpacie police said. The fatal attack of the attack is a woman. Police said a young 27-year-old man was detained by a shopping mall customer who had an attack (IAR)

(Translation) ONE PERSON DOES NOT LIVE, 8 RANCHED AT THE VEHICLE AT THE TRADITIONAL GALLERY IN STEEL WILI. The perpetrator, 27-year-old Pole. Unknown motif.

10:45 am ET – 

(Translation) Attack of the knife in Stalowa Wola. 13 people injured.

10:30 am ET – 

(Translation) The number of victims injured in the knife attack in Stalowa Wola is increasing. At least 9 people injured

(Translation) Attack of the Killer in Stalowa Wola few people injured, hospitalized

(Translation) At the last moment in Stalowa’s will in the vivo shop there was a tragedy reportedly someone with a knife killed two women !!!

(Translation) The driver wounded 5 people in a shopping center in Stalowa Wola. The man has already been arrested – ZET Radio’s Andrzej Walczyna says from the police.

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