The Great Pyramid of Giza is hiding a huge unexplored space – and scientists used cosmic rays to find it


More than 4,500 years after their construction, the Pyramids of Giza continue to flaunt their secrets.

A team of more than three dozen researchers on Thursday announced the discovery of a huge and unexplored void in Khufu’s pyramid, also called the Great Pyramid – the largest of three main structures in Giza.

What’s more, the team used cosmic rays to locate the void and estimate its size through millions of tons of rock. The cavernous space is roughly 100 feet long and sits almost directly above the Grand Gallery: a towering passage that leads to the tomb of Pharoah Khufu.

“This void was hidden in the construction of the pyramid. It is not accessible and we needed this new technique, at the right time, to identify it and to discover it,” Mehdi Tayoubi, a co-founder of the HIP Institute and a leader of the research effort, called ScanPyramids , told reporters during a Wednesday press briefing.

The research group published its findings Thursday in the journal Nature .

“A lot of people tried to dig some tunnels looking for chambers,” he added. “But as far as I know, no one has tried to dig something in this area. There was no theory expecting to find something as big as the Grand Gallery here.”


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