The Gateway Pundit Blows Another Story. So, We Give a Much-Needed Journalism Lesson.


One of the reasons we launched True Pundit was because of a dire need to revive and resurrect True journalism based on hard work, fundamentals, experience, and intellect. You know, the way it was before the year 2000 when every blogger showed up and instantly thought they were Woodward & Bernstein.

The Gateway Pundit is one of the sites that I read and scratch my head asking, this is what they call journalism today? Really? Perhaps it is. And that is part of the problem. Jim Hoft is well liked by Matt Drudge and others. Maybe he’s a great dude. But I have no stomach for bad and lazy journalism. And Hoft doesn’t get off the hook solely because he is one of the few Conservative journalists out there. While it is not a prerequisite to have a journalism education, loyal readers expect quality and hard work above all else. Anything else is simply regurgitating half truths and re-tweeting talking points or just cashing your checks. Some may ask who the hell are you guys to give advice? We let our work speak for itself. Browse the site. If you’re bright, things will quickly click.

A story yesterday from The Gateway Pundit caught my journalistic eye. So I thought I’d help out and give Hoft and his crew a free journalism lesson from True Pundit on one of the many stories they murder on a regular basis. I marked their story up they way my editors used to rip me to shreds when I was learning the ropes in the super-competitive daily newspaper business. It only made me better, Jim. Sometimes you need someone to come along and kick you in the pants to make you better.


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