The Four Tweets Within Hours of Mueller’s Appointment That Foretold the Deep State’s Special Counsel Plot Against Trump


Call it the Four Tweets of the Mueller Apocalypse which foretold laws would be broken in order to take down President Donald Trump.

While everyone from mainstream media pundits to green journalists on Twitter were trumpeting the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller on  May 17, only a handful of well-placed sources went against the media’s Mueller love fest.

Mueller was appointed to investigate the alleged collusion of President Trump’s White House with Russia during the 2016 election.

Within an hour of the Mueller appointment, True Pundit’s Thomas Paine, who had worked with the FBI and was familiar with Mueller as the Bureau boss, warned the news site’s followers that this was the first sign of a disaster.

In four consecutive Tweets, Paine — among the harshest media critics of former FBI boss James Comey — foretold the current Mueller and Comey debacle an hour after his appointment, raining on everyone’s celebration, based on the group-think that Mueller would exonerate President Trump. Paine clearly knew the opposite was true.

The final Tweet — which said Mueller would break laws in order to take down Trump — was deleted by Twitter, which is common on Paine’s social media feed, as his followers clearly know but we have recovered it and included it below.

The final Tweet deleted by Twitter.


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