The FBI Destroyed This Man’s Life With Bogus Spying Accusations


The law enforcement agency has a disturbing record of drumming up the very conspiracies they’re investigating.

For the last year, many Americans have believed that Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer was targeted for kidnapping last fall by a group of domestic terrorists. New reporting reveals that the scheme was partially orchestrated by the FBI.

As that revelation ripped through social media this week, many people balked at the idea that federal law enforcement would do such a thing. But the FBI is no stranger to fomenting a conspiracy in order to bust it.

Consider that of Dr. Anming Hu, whose life was upended when FBI agents levied bogus spying charges against the now-former professor at the University of Tennessee Knoxville (UTK).

Hu, a nanotechnology expert, lost his position after the government accused him of Chinese espionage, put him on a no-fly list, told his superiors that he was working on behalf of the Chinese military, and concocted false information to surveil him and attempt to strongarm him into agreeing to spy on behalf of the U.S.

FBI agents conceded under oath that those accusations were bogus. Nevertheless, in February 2020, Hu was arrested and charged with fraud. At trial last month, when asked by Hu’s attorney Phil Lomonaco if the agency even knew the last time Hu traveled to China, FBI Agent Kujtim Sadiku responded that he wasn’t sure, though he had been withholding Hu’s passport. Hu testified that Sadiku pressured him over the course of their yearslong investigation to attend a conference in China so that the FBI could “protect” him. – READ MORE

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