The Fake New York Times Story That Launched Fidel Castro


How ironic it is that the announced death of Cuban Communist dictator Fidel Castro late Friday night coincides with the U.S. establishment press’s obsession with smearing websites which dare to challenge their narratives as Russian-inspired “fake news.”

Castro’s original rise to power was arguably the product of a spectacularly fake dispatch written nearly six decades ago by reporter Herbert L. Matthews and published in the New York Times.

It’s hard to exaggerate the importance of Matthews’ February 24, 1957 front-page Times story in building Castro’s international status and respectability.

The now-deceased tyrant formally recognized it himself fifty years later. Georgie Anne Geyer, whose 1991 book, Guerrilla Prince: The Untold Story Of Fidel Castro, is the definitive work on Castro to that point, described the background behind that recognition perfectly in a February 2007 syndicated column (bolds are mine throughout this post) – READ MORE

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