‘The Derangement Is Real Folks’: Don Jr. Mocks CNN for Segment on How the Phrase ‘Witch Hunt’ Offends Witches


Donald Trump Jr. took to Twitter on Sunday to blast CNN for a segment they did covering President Donald Trump’s use of the phrase “witch hunt.”

Although most would see the phrase “witch hunt” and not give it a second thought, CNN found one group of people who find the term very offensive: witches.

So, they interviewed a few witches and Wickens to find out how they feel about the president appropriating their culture.

“It’s really disgraceful,” said “Witchcraft Activism” author David Salisbury. “I mean thousands of people were executed in Europe on suspicion of witchcraft.”

Many, including Donald Trump Jr., found the segment to be bonkers:


Although the witch community may be upset about President Trump’s use of the phrase “witch hunt,” it probably won’t be going away anytime soon. – READ MORE


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