The CDC sent tests contaminated with the coronavirus to states in February


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention botched the crucial rollout of COVID-19 tests in February, sending tests contaminated with the coronavirus to states at a time when the virus could’ve potentially been better contained without widespread lockdowns, the New York Times reported.

“It was just tragic,” said Scott Becker, executive director of the Association of Public Health Laboratories, according to the Times. “All that time when we were sitting there waiting, I really felt like, here we were at one of the most critical junctures in public health history, and the biggest tool in our toolbox was missing.”

How did this happen? The tests were contaminated due to “sloppy laboratory practices,” the Times reported, including employees entering and exiting labs without changing their coats, and tests being assembled in the same room where other researchers were working on positive coronavirus samples.

The CDC has admitted that it did not follow its own manufacturing standards with the tests, and said enhanced quality control measures have been put in place since the errors. – READ MORE

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