The Cannes to Hollywood sex trafficking pipeline


Even after Weinstein … Next week the yearly Cannes Film Festival begins on the French Riviera. It’s one of Hollywood’s most important industry events, where films are screened, deals are cut, and, according to The Hollywood Reporter, human trafficking victims are identified and lured into a trap using the promise of film roles as bait. Even after Harvey Weinstein was outed, THR says, this is happening.

Here’s how THR reports what happens:

Another form of sex trafficking that is bubbling under the radar on the Riviera but obvious to most producers in the know is one in which non-U.S. citizens meet film industry connectors on the Cannes yacht circuit. The go-betweens help the would-be actresses, often still in their teens and hailing from countries ranging from Britain to former Soviet bloc states, gain legal entry into the U.S. and land a small or nonspeaking role in an American movie. The unspoken quid pro quo is that once in the U.S., they are lent out — sexually — to other powerful industry men. With the threat of her H-1 visa being revoked, the actress effectively can’t say no or go to the police … 

… In fact, the producer says it should raise a red flag any time you see a foreign-born actress with no credits suddenly make her way into a U.S.-shot movie. “No one would legitimately pay for the H-1 visa for that kind of role. No way. It costs four or five thousand bucks,” he says. “As a producer, there’s no chance that there’s this one-liner that should be a local hire [and] that we’re going to go with a first-timer from Ukraine and get a work visa for her.”

Remember it’s these degenerate Hollywood types, who prey on the hopes and dreams of young women, who host Democratic candidates at fundraisers and attack Donald Trump as amoral. – READ MORE

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