The brazen message on slippers provides clue to understand Jeffrey Epstein


In 2015, several years after his release from prison, Jeffrey Epstein showed up to a small lunch party at a Palm Beach mansion a few doors down from his own opulent estate, a neighborhood that is home to millionaires – and more than a few billionaires – like himself.

Several things stood out for one attendee who relayed this account to FOX Business. First, Epstein, a registered sex offender, easily mingled with the guests as if nothing in his past should concern them.

Also, Epstein, then in his early 60s, was accompanied by an extremely young woman whom he introduced as his girlfriend.

Then there were his shoes, or to be more exact, the obviously expensive pair of black-velvet slippersOpens a New Window. he was wearing. As the attendee remembered them, one slipper prominently featured a large ostentatiously embroidered image of a screw on its top. The other displayed a large embroidered letter “U.”

“We all got the message,” the attendee said. “Jeffrey couldn’t care less about what we thought about him or who he was with.”

At least superficially, we know plenty about Jeffrey Epstein – his enormous wealth, his connections to Wall Street executives, politicians, his alleged predilection for soliciting minors that led to a brief jail term, and most recently, his death from an apparent suicide after being charged with operating a multi-state child sex-trafficking ring that could have put him away for the rest of his life. – READ MORE

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