The Blood of Omar Mateen’s Victims on Hands of FBI; Failed Agency Cannot Keep Us Safe


Orlando mass killer Omar Mir Seddique Mateen, AKA Seddique Muhammed, was the target of an FBI investigation for his ties to radical Islamic terrorism and was interrogated by FBI agents at least four separate times, sources confirm. Yet the bureau closed the investigation and stopped monitoring Mateen’s travel, friends and affiliations, sources said.

We now all know the bloody results of that decision.

Perhaps more alarming is that intelligence agents working for Florida State Police said they would have gladly tailed Mateen, or taken up the investigative baton to track the killer, if the FBI only asked, law enforcement sources said. Instead, state police intelligence agents had no information that the Port St. Lucie Muslim was even under investigation for suspected terror links.

One of the reasons you launch your own media site is to say what the main-stream media and other pundits simply won’t say. It’s called the truth. So, here it is. The FBI will not keep us safe. The bureau’s seemingly effectiveness is largely built on television drama and Hollywood lore and hype: Men in blue windbreakers with gold letters show up to save the day. But this is not television. Real terror, especially for hundreds trapped in an Orlando nightclub, is not scripted. It is real. It is ugly. And it’s not all tied up with a pretty bow like an over-hyped FBI television drama.

The Orlando mass shooting case is also a case of déjà vu. While the public often forgets details, the FBI was actively “tailing” at least two of the 911 hijackers in Florida. This story was largely swept under the rug, however. Likewise, the FBI held a press conference to seek the public’s help to identify the suspects of the Boston Marathon bombing when; in fact, the bureau already knew the names and whereabouts of the brothers. This charade continued for days. What if in that interim the brothers had a follow-up strike planned? True Pundit earlier today broke the story that federal agents were now investigating the killer’s links to the Islamic Center of Fort Piece mosque in Florida. The mosque was also frequented by Moner Mohammad Abusalha, an American turned ISIS suicide bomber in Syria in 2014. Basic intelligence-gathering protocol, after Abusalha, would call for monitoring this mosque to determine all of its members, employment histories, affiliations, family, cell phone traffic, internet traffic. Not the FBI. There are hundreds of additional examples. And, again, it comes as no surprise then that the FBI had opened a criminal case on Mateen only to ditch it. Just another deadly gaffe.

So as Americans, we should give the FBI a free pass like the elite media? No. Very little has changed at the bureau since 911. FBI brass fail to grasp the Big Picture: Terror is organic and requires human intelligence (HUMINT) to stop (information from informants, not satellites and computer algorithms.) Instead, the FBI publicizes  “terror”-related arrests which in contrives through sting operations that ensnare dupes set up by the FBI to exploit in the news media and make Americans feel safe when publicized by the comatose and complicit media. This is manufactured terrorism, staged terror theater written and produced by the DOJ. Meanwhile, while the FBI is running its own undercover fictional reality show on terror with the media, REAL terrorists are lurking.

The FBI has proven it does not have the collective mindset to track and arrest real terrorists. Perhaps this is rooted in the type of recruits the bureau craves. They do not actively seek agents with an investigative background. Yet this is precisely the type of individual that could prove vital in stopping a terrorist plot BEFORE it happens. Can a group of accountants with gold shields stop terror? As a nation we have now painfully learned the answer is no. Yet the media never questions the bureau’s chronic intelligence failures. A glaring recent example is the DOJ filling motions to compel Apple to help the FBI do its job and then threatening the tech giant when it refused to comply. Any law enforcement agency with pride, regardless of size, would view this as embarrassing. And as Americans whose taxes fund the FBI, we expect this organization to be able to crack an iPhone or any other damn phone on the planet. No whining. Just get it done. If you can eavesdrop on my cell phone calls and emails, I expect you to be able to crack a phone password, or discreetly hire someone who can without giving potential criminals whose names might be on that phone a chance to leave the country and never be interrogated or charged. Or just call the NSA.

Arguments are made to counter the FBI’s ineffectiveness on true terror arrests saying the bureau is under political pressure from the White House and Democratic lawmakers not to label Muslims as terrorists. This is a fact. That pressure is real. But is this the same pressure that has kept Hillary Clinton free from indictment? Unfortunately, it would appear so. If the politics of who you know or who you might offend are what drives the FBI’s decisions, then perhaps another agency should handle domestic terrorism. We know that “Homeland Security” is busy arresting NFL jersey counterfeiters, so perhaps the CIA needs to spearhead this arena as it would dovetail into their international intelligence gathering.

The days of excusing the FBI for making mistakes which cost American lives needs to end. Now. Until that happens, this story will continue to repeat itself. What we as a nation might finally realize is when it comes to stopping organic-true and not self-scripted terrorism the FBI is ALL hype.

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