The Biden Clown Show Goes on the Road to Promote a Bill That Was Already Passed


Joe Biden hit the road yesterday after coming out of hibernation in order to go to Pennsylvania to talk about how great the America Rescue Plan is. Wife Jill as well as Kamala plus one will also be doing the same snow job soon.

The Help is Here Tour was kicked off at a unionized black-owned flooring company called Smith Flooring in Chester, Pennsylvania on Tuesday in order to “sell” the $1.9 trillion stimulus package that was already passed by Congress.

Someone should tell old Joe that the bill not only already passed through Congress but that he even signed it into law. He must have forgotten all about that.

The trip to the flooring company was so short that he might forget all about that too. The PR event was about a half hour away from Joe’s home in Delaware, probably on the way to his favorite ice cream shop. He stayed for about three minutes and was whisked off by his handlers so that reporters couldn’t ask any questions.

So instead of having old Joe tour any of the places that he has destroyed like the southern border or the cities that relied on jobs from the Keystone pipeline, his handlers are sending him off on a marketing tour to talk about legislation that already exists as law.- READ MORE

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