The Air Force is getting ready to deploy a new, high-tech bomb designed to hit moving targets


The Air Force is engineering and testing a new air-dropped weapon able to destroy moving targets in all kinds of weather conditions at ranges greater than 40 miles, Air Force and Raytheon officials said.

The Small Diameter Bomb II, or SDB II, is designed to destroy moving targets in all kinds of weather, such as small groups of ISIS or terrorist fighters on-the-move in pick-up trucks.

An Air Force F-15 Eagle has destroyed a moving surrogate-model T-72 tank during a live-fire test of the new Small Diameter Bomb II at White Sands Missile Range, N.M.

Raytheon officials explained that the surrogate T-72 tank was moving at tactically relevant battle speeds when it was destroyed by the SDB II during the live-fire test.

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