Texas To Start Reopening For Business On Friday


On Monday, Texas GOP Governor Greg Abbott stated at a news conference that as part of phase one of his plans for reopening the state, Texas will permit the reopening of retail stores, restaurants and movie theaters, albeit at a limited capacity, on Friday.

Abbott stated, “We’re not just going to pen up and hope for the best. We’re going to open in way that will also contain the virus and keep us safe. A more strategic approach is required so that we don’t open only to close down again,” according to Fox News.

Fox News also reported that museums and libraries will be allowed to reopen at 25% capacity; “sole proprietors of businesses can also open and doctors and dentists can resume normal operations as well.” Phase two of the plan will go into effect on May 18 if there has not been a spike in the number of coronavirus cases by that date. Phase two would permit businesses to operate at 50% capacity.

Abbott cautioned, “We will open in a way that employs safe standards. There is a reason why all businesses in Texas can’t reopen all at once.”

Among other areas reopening are places of worship, which must observe social distancing guidelines. Hospitals must reserve half of their capacity for COVID-19 victims, while barber shops, hair salons and bars will still not be permitted to reopen. – READ MORE

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