Texas Planned Parenthood wanted to sell aborted baby livers for $750 each, Daleiden trial reveals


Testifying on the witness stand Monday, pro-life activist David Daleiden claimed that Texas Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast planned to “move forward” with a deal he pitched to them as an undercover investigator to sell aborted baby livers at $750 each.

The transcript of the testimony reads as follows:

Q. After you visited Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast did you send them a contract that — a potential contract with pricing for fetal tissue and organs?

: Yes, I sent them a draft contract after that for $750 per fetal liver.

Q. Did you receive any information following that from Tram Nguyen as to whether they had any interest in pursuing that contract?

: I’ve since learned that Tram Nguyen forwarded that contract to her supervisor and said she wanted to move forward with it.

Later in the testimony, Daleiden reiterated his claim that Planned Parenthood employee Tram Nguyen forwarded a contract to her supervisor for the sale of “fetal livers for $750 apiece.” – READ MORE

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