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Texas parade features Hillary, Obama together in prison cell


Attendees of the recent Tri-State Parade in Amarillo, Texas are crying racism over a float depicting President Obama and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in a cage.

“A lot of people in the black and Hispanic community are saying, ‘Why would you put a black man in a cage?’ That just sends the wrong message,” Amarillo resident Rodney Darnes told KXXV. “The fact that Hillary was in the float only sets the women’s movement further back.”

The float, sponsored by a group that call themselves the Stars and Bars, was made of wood pallets and metal bars fashioned into a makeshift cage, with a man wearing an Obama mask and woman wearing a Hillary mask trapped inside. A man wearing a Make America Great Again banner as a cape rode on the trailer tongue behind a truck streaming American flags, pictures submitted to the news station show. – READ MORE

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