Texas Lt. Gov. Patrick: AG should investigate Black Lives Matter protesters


Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said Tuesday he would support the U.S. attorney general investigating Black Lives Matter protesters for criminal actions.
Patrick, who appeared on CNN in Cleveland, expressed support for an investigation following Donald Trump’s statement Monday night on Fox News that, if elected, he would instruct his attorney general to look into the group.
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“If you are walking down the street saying ‘What do we want, we want to kill cops now,’ the president has to speak out against that, and the president needs to stop inviting people to the White House who say they want to kill cops,” Patrick said.
The comments by Patrick and Trump come after multiple police officers were killed in separate incidents in Dallas and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The Black Lives Matter movement has denounced the killings.
The Republican lieutenant governor also criticized President Barack Obama for not putting blue lights up at the White House in support of police officers. – READ MORE

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