Texas Democrat: We Flew Private Because ‘Everybody Wants To See’ Us Together


Texas state Rep. Trey Fischer (D) claimed that dozens of Democratic lawmakers who fled Texas Monday needed to fly privately because “everybody wants to see” them together.

Fischer appeared on CNN’s “New Day” on Tuesday after he and at least 50 other Democratic House lawmakers fled Texas to break quorum and prevent the GOP-controlled House from passing election reforms. The Democratic lawmakers fled to Washington, D.C., to demonstrate in support of a Democrat-backed federal overhaul of election law.

On CNN, Fischer defended him and his colleagues’ decision to hire private jets to take them from Texas to Washington. The group of lawmakers was mocked and accused of hypocrisy on social media after photos of the group were made public. The lawmakers were seen without masks on their chartered jet, which would have been forbidden on a commercial flight.

“So, number one, when you break a quorum you want to be successful, so I think everybody wants to see 51, 52, 55 Democrats on the same plane. That’s reassuring,” Fischer said, explaining the decision to charter a jet. “Number two, to get a flight out of town at a time certain – you know, getting everybody to come if from across the state – you need to fly privately. And, as you can see from the picture, we’re talking about the same kind of plane that the public uses every day. There are no fancy couches or anything like that. This was just a regular plane that moved us from one state to another.”- READ MORE

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