Texas 65-year-old woman arrested after refusing to mask up or leave Galveston bank, bodycam shows


A 65-year-old Texas woman found herself tackled and handcuffed after refusing to leave a Galveston Bank of America branch that requires customers to wear a coronavirus mask inside.

A Galveston police officer arrived at the scene and told the woman, whom Fox 26 Houston later identified as Terry White, the situation.

“Ma’am, if they ask you to leave, you have to leave,” the officer says in bodycam video.

“My money is in this bank, and I’m going to take it out,” she replies.

“Well then you have to abide by their rules,” the officer answered.

Even as Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has lifted a statewide mask mandate, private businesses are still allowed to implement their own mask rules, capacity limits or other safety guidelines.

“Businesses have the right to refuse service even if you’re not wearing a mask,” the officer explains. “You need to go and get a mask and then take your money out.”- READ MORE

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