Terrorist Who Stabbed Two Americans In Amsterdam Says He Would Do It Again


On Tuesday, a nineteen-year-old Afghan terrorist, who stabbed two American tourists at Amsterdam’s Central Station in August, told the court that he has no remorse and would do it again.

The attack, carried out on August 31, left two Americans injured, one of whom may be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

Prior to the attack, the terrorist allegedly told his roommates at an asylum center in Germany about his plans to show those in Amsterdam “how Allah takes revenge.”

The terrorist reportedly had a video on his phone of Taliban members singing a song about killing and burning those who insult the prophet Muhammad and had posts on social media of photos and videos threatening Wilders.

“If he does it again, then I will do it again and again,” the terrorist said. “I will accept the challenge he has offered me.”

He also told the court that if “ goes somewhere, I will kill him.” – READ MORE


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