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Terror Hoax: CBS News Fakes Interview Outside Pulse Night Club After Massacre


We thought CBS News anchor and 60 Minutes correspondent Scott Pelley was better than this.

True Pundit employed video forensic experts to examine this “remote” interview from “outside” the Pulse night club in Orlando. All experts, who work criminal cases for law enforcement and civil court cases for a living, agree that CBS News and Pelley were not actually on site in Orlando but instead employed green screen technology from a studio to conduct this alleged street interview to make it appear Pelley was interviewing alleged witness Shawn Royster “on the scene.” Adding further shame to this sham, Royster looks at the green screen and says it’s nerve-wracking being this close to the club. I don’t know where CBS News found this guy but he should be put to a polygraph.

In short, everyone and everything involved with this “news” clip is highly suspect. When is the last time you saw a TV newscaster talk to someone on the street without a microphone. Never. Both are wearing studios mics. A phony production. But why? If Royster was a real witness, why not take him out on the street and interview him? Why is Royster so relaxed, almost emotionally disconnected, until he turns on the tears?


When we think of CBS News, we remember Mike Wallace. Would Mike Wallace use green screen as part of a 60 Minutes expose? No. How far “journalism” has fallen in such a short time. Mike Wallace is rolling in his grave. We are in the age of manufactured news now, a mere step above Sea Monkeys we played with as children.

Back to Pelley. Was Pelley even in Florida at the time? Or did he do this shot from CBS News HQ on West 57th St. in New York City? When network anchors start using green screen to fake spot news reporting of a mass shooting, they deserve the respect of TV weather reporters, who stand in front of a green screen and pretend they are looking at a weather map. It gets better. According to our research, Shawn Royster does not live in Orlando. He doesn’t even live in Florida. Royster, according to records, lives in New York City.

And what about Royster? Strangely enough, though he was not injured during his alleged encounter with Omar Mateen, he or a relative has set up a $20,000 GoFundMe campaign for his “expenses” from the ordeal. And perhaps it’s ironic that Pelley’s interview clip is broadcasted on the page soliciting donations for Royster’s “ongoing psychological care.” The GoFundMe page acknowledges Royster lives in New York City and had just flown into Orlando for the night.


Were either Royster or Pelley even in Florida for this “remote” shot? If so, why use green screen? Or were they in New York City running a small Hollywood production on the American public? We want to see some used airline tickets. And maybe a couple polygraphs. Period.

Maybe Pelley will get back to us, if he isn’t doing a remote shot of Brexit in London from a CBS News men’s room in New York City.

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