Teen Who Robbed Gun Store Was Released, Went On To Murder Walgreens Clerk


In May, 17-year-old Sincere Williams allegedly stole 14 handguns from a Chicago gun store before he was quickly caught by police.

The owner of Suburban Sporting Goods Guns & Ammo told CBS 2 that Williams attempted to steal 14 handguns from his store and should not have been on the streets when the teen allegedly killed Walgreens clerk Olga Marie Calderon.

Williams allegedly took a bus to Melrose Park in Chicago, where the gun store is located, in May armed with a hammer. The gun store owner said Williams smashed the front glass at least 20 times before breaking in and taking 14 handguns. He was quickly arrested and charged as a juvenile even though he was two months away from his 18th birthday.

“That’s a pretty heinous crime,” the gun store owner told CBS 2. “These weren’t hunting guns. He wasn’t stealing to feed his family. These were likely going somewhere very bad.” – READ MORE

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